Sunday, March 15, 2015


I’m in transition.   First trying to transition from Facebook (less of) to blogging (more of).  I regret that I did not continue to blog in some form after Closeknit on Sailblogs.    It would have been nice to have documented more the journey of post Al’s surgery and stroke and my journey from being a partner into being a fulltime caregiver.  I was trying to blog on my ipad which proved very labour intensive and difficult.  In an effort to make blogging easier Kiley has set me up with her extra Macbook Pro for a trial period.  So I’m learning a lot of techie stuff, yay me.  Also I am trying to type correctly instead of one handed.   My brain knows where all the letters are but my left hand is still learning to move easily and has limitations.  The fine movements in typing are very different than the hand movements I use that allow me the pleasure of knitting. 

Much has happened in the almost three years since Als surgery.  He has come a long way from being limited to his wheelchair.  He is now quite ambulatory using a single  point cane.  He can now be left alone for about three days.  He cannot manage Bridget, so if I go to visit the offspring such as this weekend, Bridget usually goes into care.  My wonderful sister has agreed this weekend to visit twice a day to take Bridget out and this is very nice for Al to have Bridget for company.  When I want a longer break I book Al into  respite care.  Because of space and popularity  I book him a year in advance.  He is happiest going to Providence Manor.  They have a pub there which he enjoys.  He has gone there about four times now.  They know him and it has become familiar to him and he becomes less anxious. 

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