Saturday, March 28, 2015


At the end of 2014 I was no different than others making new years resolutions.  There is always the usual ones; eat better, get fit, lose weight.  Yada yada yada.  

In so many ways I feel like 2015 just really started for me last week.  We spent the month of January at our friend Pokey’s place in Palm Coast Florida.  In February Al was in respite at Providence Manor for three weeks, I got away for a real vacation to Cuba for one of the weeks. 

Since Al has been home I have had short trips to Ottawa and Guelph. 

All this to say I’m just now getting Al and I back into routines.  We each have fitness routines.  And getting back to a healthy eating routine.  

I have a big year of knitting goals and several yarny and wooly events to attend.  Knitters Frolic is fast approaching at the end of April.  This will be a weekend in Toronto and a full on, have the credit card smoking at the marketplace on the Saturday kind of event.    

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