Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shopping and things of that nature

I got yarn yesterday at the Needle Tree.  Jane and I have been doing a lot of poking around.  I do not have a lot of room in my suitcase on purpose.  We visited a neat gallery called end of the lane gallery.  I made done purchases but since they are Christmas gifts I can't show them here just yet.  

I have been knitting, and we walked today.  Tomorrow I have  to be in for a nine a.m. Conference call with KGH in my  role as a patient Experience Advisor.  

Today I made us black bean and kale soup.  It was very tasty.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Arriving in South Carolina

So  monday I was up before the butt crack of dawn.  My ticket recommended getting to the airport three hours in advance for an international flight.  I was staying overnight in Ottawa with Mackenzie.  She and I had a bit of head butting about when to go to the airport.  I wanted to be there no later than four, giving me a two hour in advance window.  She wanted to leave at four.  These things spin me out of control, she recognizes that and we agreed on leaving by 3:45 ish, in the end I got to the airport by 4:05.  I got checked in, and customs was pretty easy.

 It had been the first time flying internationally from Ottawa since my horrible experience of December 2011 when the US customs kicked me out of the United States. So as you can imagine I was pretty anxious but it went off without too much of a hitch.

 I still had time to kill waiting to board.  I caught the free wifi and checked emails and Face book.  In my tired and anxious state I apparently responded offensively to a friends Facebook post.  

The flight to Newark was quick and the space tight.  I didn't take out my audiobook.  At Newark I had about an hour layover.  There was no free wifi there so I just knit.  The next leg was a two hour flight to Greenville.  I had a single window seat, giving me a tiny bit more room, last row of the plane.  I knit and listened to my book. The time went quickly.  

I arrived and made my way to the baggage claim.  Bob and Jane were waiting there for  me.  I adore this couple and it felt like I was arriving home to my safe and happy place.   It was also Bobs birthday.  I was easy to spot as I was wearing the now famous Lanesplitter skirt.  We got caught up at the luggage carousel, grabbed my red luggage and headed to the car.  We chatted nonstop and headed into Greenville.  We did a bit of shopping and had lunch at Panera Bread. We finally arrived at 12 Craig lane around 3:30.  Once I was settled in and caught the house Wifi, I checked in for messages and checked Facebook.  It was then that I was alerted to the fact I had upset and "miffed" someone on Facebook.  

Long story, short, I apologized both publicly and privately and I'm moving on.  In the past I would let these types of  things eat me up and spit me out.  So I have made the decision to move from Facebook to blogging.  People can follow me or not.  It's more for me than anyone else.  

Me in Greenville, sunny and warm.